Defective balconies are one of the most common areas building experts are called upon to fix. Poor waterproofing and materials that swell and fail with moisture damage are frequent causes.

But now there’s a product on the market specifically designed for tiled finishes over timber or lightweight steel joists — Secura exterior flooring.

Simple and fast to install, Secura exterior flooring is a highly water-resistant external structural flooring substrate that helps you get your balconies right the first time.

The product is made from Scyon™, the advanced lightweight cement composite that is resistant to damage from moisture as well as termites, rot and fire.* An advanced polymer coating on all sides of the Secura exterior flooring sheet and an integrated reinforcing mesh add to the Scyon™ heavy-duty performance.

That performance also means that a waterproofing system is only required for balconies over habitable rooms. After installing Secura exterior flooring over a veranda, for example, no additional waterproofing membrane is needed.

Not only that, Secura exterior flooring is easy to handle. It’s around 20 per cent lighter than a compressed sheet per square metre and can be carried by two people tucked under the arm like a large surfboard!

A tongue and groove format provides engineered joints and eliminates the need for timber trimmers under those joints. - James Hardie

* When installed and maintained correctly.