ARCHITECTURAL Terrazite ZV, a new resin-based terrazzo flooring product from Nuplex, has been designed to recreate the radiance and shine of polished stone floors.

The shine and texture of marble or granite floors is effective in high-end retail outlets or hotels, as it adds a sense of opulence to a space.

To recreate this look, but with a simpler application process than stone, and unlimited choices in colours and effects, Nuplex products has created Architectural Terrazzite.

A thin, resin-based Terrazzo, Architectural Terrazzite is mixed on site, trowelled directly onto the floor and then diamond ground and polished to expose the visual texture of the aggregate.

It is then sealed and polished, resulting in a smooth, seamless look, says Nuplex Construction Steve Taylor, “This product is different to most floor coverings, as unlike tiles, it has no joints. We can also custom-design colours or patterns to suit any project.”

A new version, Architectural Terrazzite ZV, has been released. As it is completely odourless to install, this version meets Green-Star requirements.