VIRIDIAN SeraphicTM provides designers and specifiers with a range of screen printed patterns as well as solid and frost colours offering design options with various degrees of light transmission and privacy for a 21st century aesthetic style.

Perfect for internal partitions, spandrel panels, wall cladding, balustrades and laminated overhead glazing such as sun shades; Viridian Seraphic is a range of toughened decorative glass panels.

Manufactured by screen printing a ceramic coating onto the glass prior to toughening. The toughening process fuses the ceramic paint to the glass surface to provide a Grade A safety glass, creating both a durable and permanent finish.

Viridian Seraphic is also ideal for incorporation into a laminated glass with a Viridian solar control glass, to provide enhanced solar and glare control and privacy. It can also be combined with Viridian VLam HushTM for internal partitions as a sound reducing decorative partition option.

A range of 12 standard designs and 16 standard colours are available in sizes up to 4500 x 2200mm, or Viridian Seraphic can be custom designed with patterns and colours to match your project perfectly.

The benefits of the range include short lead times, installation requires standard fittings, framing and sealants, a durable coating that won’t crack or fade up to 250°C, non-porous and easily maintained.