FIRST it’s a TV, then it’s a mirror, then it’s a video screen, then it’s a mirror, then it’s a power point presentation, then it’s a mirror…

New Living Mirror Image invites you to get your latest news and entertainment in a most dramatic way. Whether placed in a residential environment or commercial foyer, this elegant and versatile complete TV system is sure to create an impact.

Ad Notum the manufacturers of Mirror Image Screens, has revolutionized their screens by using patented technology that enables their screen to deliver the fairest image of them all.

Available from Len Wallis, Mirror Image is a complete system with harmonic balance of beauty and technology. Mirror and LCD Active matrix are combined to offer the best picture quality which completely disappears when turned off.

Whether recessed into the wall, or hung as a picture, the crisp and cool design of Mirror Image offers not only a modern and elegant alternative to large size flat screen TVs, but also a sophisticated decorative addition to any environment.

The high-end technology New Living Mirror Image enables easy connection to all available types of media sources, thus maximizing the impact of a TV program, DVD or PC presentation.

Consider the potential of elegantly blending the TV into your custom-designed living room space. Mirror Image can be recessed into the wall, placed above the fire-place or even integrated into your furniture.