Boral’s new Selector+ is available now. Enhancing the tradition of the original Selector, the new Selector+ has all the usual features which the industry has grown to expect from Boral Plasterboard’s flagship publication plus a number of new ones. Developed to suit the needs of the Australian building industry, the Selector+ is designed to make system selection simple and effective.The Selector+ is divided into four clearly separated sections accompanied by detailed Contents tables and a Quick-Find Index at the end of the document. Each page is also clearly marked and numbered to indicate where the reader is within the document.Whilst section A contains general information that the specifiers and users of plasterboard systems will find extremely useful, Section B provides comprehensive and up-to-date performance data on over 300 systems available from Boral Plasterboard.To facilitate selection and specification of an appropriate plasterboard system, Section C provides extensive information on structural performance of various systems listed in section B. It has also been extended to include Shelf Load Tables for steel stud walls.A major addition in Selector+ is Section D, which contains a large number of installation details for walls and ceilings, including plasterboard fixing, head and base details, junctions and service penetration details.A first among plasterboard manufacturers anywhere around the world, Boral Plasterboard has developed a system identification methodology that reflects the basic make-up (i.e. substrate and lining) of its systems. Based on a number of simple principles, this methodology brings substantial benefits to the users by eliminating confusion and removing the need to refer to the source document for the description of the basic system. The Selector provides a detailed explanation of the new system referencing methodology so that the users can easily interpret the names even of the most complex systems.