With falls from height clearly demonstrating the need for height safety products, Super Anchor now offers an increased range of surface mounted roof anchors for metal roofs. The Corrugator™360 was specifically designed for simple and rapid application on corrugated iron including composite roofs such as Ritek panels. The Corrugator™360 roof anchor provides a total 360 degree radius for fall arrest. This means the anchor can be placed on the back side of the ridge out of view. The anchor is manufactured from stainless steel, can be powdercoated to suit all roof colours and can be installed in as little as two minutes with a cordless drill.The Corrugator™360 has also been specifically designed where there is no underlying roof member, it can be placed anywhere along the overlapping sheet line to provide instant height safety. The anchors are rated 15kN for single person fall arrest and the Super Anchor range of roof anchors represents the most effective solution for the domestic and commercial markets providing outstanding aesthetic solutions. - American Shingles