ELEKTRA Heating Cables from P.A.P. Heating Solutions provide reliable and efficient heating solutions for domestic and commercial applications: from in-slab heating through to anti-frost systems to protect pipes, valves, gutters and cold room doors. The ELEKTRA VCD35 Twin in-slab heating cable is suitable for new constructions and renovations. Its convenient 'twin' design saves time and expense. It can be installed as an in-slab heating system or after construction in a 25mm cement-based screed under many different flooring surfaces including polished concrete, stone, tiles (ceramic and vinyl) parquetry and low pile carpet.The ELEKTRA Heating Mat is a twin cable on a fibreglass mat with a single sided power supply and is thermostat controlled. It is a very effective system of 'quick response' room heating ideal for tiled bathrooms, ensuites and toilets, providing warmth underfoot.