The ‘botched balcony’, with its cracked and lifted tiles, remains one of the most frequent defects needing repair by builders and rectifiers. The problems are often caused by failed waterproofing which leads to water damage. Sycon™ Secura™ exterior flooring is a new product on the market, which is purpose-designed to help protect tiled balcony and terrace areas from moisture damage. Sealed on all sides with an advanced polymer coating that helps protect the board from moisture-related problems, Secura™ exterior flooring boasts the added advantage of mesh reinforcement on the underside. This enhances the heavy-duty performance of the Scyon™ material, adding extra strength and impact resistance to deliver a suitable external residential flooring substrate. Melbourne-based Orbit Homes is one leading production builder that has worked with the product. Building manager, Ralph Ganino believes that while the total installation cost of using Secura™ exterior flooring is slightly more than using chipboard, it’s a much more purpose-designed product. “We used to use the chipboard flooring on balconies and because of movements and what-have-you, we had leaks and problems.” Secura™ exterior flooring is “a better product for that use.”Simple and fast to install, the new Secura™ exterior flooring offers peace of mind when it comes to moisture damage to balconies — and that’s smarter construction! - James Hardie