ATLANTIS is an international leader in roof top garden development for a sustainable future. Since 1986 Atlantis released the original drainage cell in the 40mm configuration. Today over 1.5 million square metres are installed in Australia alone for rooftop garden and planter box applications.

Rooftop gardens have many benefits including:

• Positive Stormwater Impact

• Filtration of Water for Reuse Applications

• Improved Air Quality

• Improves Value of Property

• Reduced Energy Consumption

• Reduced Temperature of Cities

• Creates a Sink for Carbon

The Atlantis Flo-Cell® range is the ideal drainage medium for planter box, roof garden and podium applications. The Flo-Cell® is lightweight, easy to use and cost effective when compared to traditional drainage methods. Only excess water is removed, keeping a perfect amount of moisture on perch for optimal growing conditions.

Protects Building Structures:

The Flo-Cell® functions as a protective membrane for waterproofing and provides ventilation for concrete slabs which alleviates heat induced stress and cracking. Furthermore if the wall is cracked and no efficient drainage is present, contamination from the soil such as salts and other corrosive elements will further contribute to the deterioration of the wall integrity

Atlantis Flo-Cell® is ideal for:

• Low level Roof Garden Drainage

• Planter Box Drainage

• Roof Garden Drainage

• Venting Heat from Concrete

• Sustainable Roof Gardens

• Protecting Waterproofing