TODAY’S homeowners are increasingly asking for lifts to be fitted to their homes.

This is not usually a problem when a new residence is being designed.

However, it often becomes a problem to find the necessary space when home owners wish to fit a lift to their existing house. A welcome solution is now being offered by Master Lifts: the PETITE Home Lift.

Very clever designers have produced the PETITE, a residential lift that requires less space than probably any other lift available. Only 910mm by 1370mm houses the complete lift tower with a pit of only 50mm.

Cost Effective: The PETITE is supplied complete with its own finished tower — a huge cost saving. Unlike many lifts, the

PETITE requires very little construction work.

The PETITE does not have a machine room. The drive system, the controller and the electrics all fit inside this small space. ‘What you see is what you get’. Master Lifts with 26 country wide centres is the only company that supplies the PETITE in Australia.