Just as clothing collections are launched to give consumers fresh ideas, so too are fashion paint collections.

Building on the success of the last Karen Walker collection, the partnership between the Karen Walker fashion house and Resene Paints continues with the new Karen Walker collection being launched.

The new collection is inspired by the Bauhaus school of the 1920s whose concept was to create and combine colours from an emotional point of view rather than a technical one, to group colours in a way that tells a story rather than simply matching them tonally.

With this in mind the collection includes six colour stories that, true to the Karen Walker style, play with the combining of opposites and putting together of ideas in surprising ways.

A tailored blend of favourite hues from the original collections, the new collection pushes the boundaries out to striking metallics and cheerful warm hues, with 42 Karen Walker colours presented in a designer fandeck.

Combining the strengths of two iconic brands, decorators can buy the latest Karen Walker fashion tinted into their favourite quality Resene paints.

Karen Walker colours are available exclusively from Resene.