A Blockout Roller Shutter is the best product available to reduce heat gain in your building and provide energy savings.

Blockout Maxiblock® and Maxiview® roof shutters will blockout heat gain by up to 90%, reduce glare and protect your glass from extreme weather conditions. In addition, a Maxiview® standard roller shutter will maintain your views while still reducing heat gain.

The shutters are suitable for doors, windows, roofs, irregular shaped and curved window surfaces.

All our shutters are custom made to suit different building methods and aesthetic preferences.

Blockout Shutters have the expertise to manufacture shutters for difficult installations and will service shutters from most other manufacturers.

Our shutters have been installed in airports, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, commercial vehicles including utilities, vans and trucks, display cabinets, factories and industrial complexes, hotels, pubs and RSL clubs, portable buildings including caravans and mobile eateries, railway stations, residential homes, retirement villages, schools, universities and TAFE colleges, shop fronts, shopping centres, signboards and scoreboards, skylights and conservatories, sporting clubs and fitness centres, supermarkets and toll booths.