The Building Code of Australia mandates that structural borne noise such as footsteps on hard floors, scraping of chairs and the dropping of objects on the floor should have an impact sound pressure level no greater than Lnw+Ci 62.

According to the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants, this BCA impact isolation of floors standard equates to only a 2 star rating and compares with a BCA standard for walls which is equal to a 4 star rating.

Acoustica’s Angel Step Acoustic Underlay for tiled or timber floors overlaid over concrete does not just “meets or exceeds the BCA requirements” but delivers the highest rating AAAC 6 star acoustic performance 3 stars above the BCA minimum standard and 1 star over what is considered to be achievable in normal building construction.

As one of Australia’s leading acoustic consultants commented “an extremely good result”