ESCO Industries has been producing cable management products, includingits’Gnome and Supergnome Stainless Steel Floor outlets for over 30 years.Gnomes are used in offices, showrooms, warehouses, factories, gymnasiums,worksheds, garages and are a quality product with high durability and are verycompetitively priced versus less robust plastic versions on the market.

Esco have made a few design changes to make the Gnome even moreversatile. The Gnome and Supergnome will accommodate all popular powerand data outlets on the market so you are not tied to a particular brand (thiswas a feature first introduced in 2000 and has been updated given the arrivalof new outlets on the market). Perhaps the biggest new feature is the slightlyincreased width to allow for CAT 6 data cables. A riser kit for the Gnome andSupergnome is also available and will help with those cumbersome plug packsthat just won’t plug in due to restricted height from floor.

The Gnomes (and riser kits) traditionally come with a stainless steel coverwhich is ideal for most applications. For larger projects, and where the littlethings count Esco can provide a powder coated zinc plated cover or riser(volume dependent), which can be matched to Esco skirting duct andSpacepoles as well as complimenting the rest of the interior.

Esco Gnomes and Supergnomes are available at your nearest electricalwholesaler