HIGHLY glazed, highly versatile, highly desirable. That’s Burlesque, the enticing new high gloss bricks from Austral Bricks. Their glassy, full glaze will bring a celebration of rich colour to any design, commercial or residential.

Use Burlesque bricks on their own, or in a composite design, teamed with other premium building materials.

These stunning bricks are available in five glamorous colours:

• Envy, a vibrant yellow

• Leer, upfront, unabashed white

• Lust, a deeply affecting red

• Smitten, alluring and unapologetic cobalt blue

• Chastise, exotic jet black

In standard brick size for easy laying, also available with single and double glazed headers. Burlesque is performing exclusively at Austral Bricks, Australia-wide. On with the show!