AUSTEKNIS has just released an RGB Linear. These exciting and bright cove lighting concepts are available in both rigid and flexible formats, to suit myriad situations.

The RGB linears have an IP-65 rating, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, including cove lighting, wall washing and atmosphere lighting. The RGB linears are 24-volt and are available in standard lengths of 300 mm, 500 mm and 1,000 mm, and you can choose from white, blue, or colour-controllable RGB.

The flexible version is available in 24- and 240-volt, for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Due to its flexibility, you are not limited to straight lines. Both the rigid and flexible options are low maintenance and easy to install, making your job easier.

Austeknis control solutions include pre-programmed colour-changing, or DMX control, allowing customisation of your lighting effects.