Philip Cox, original architect of Allianz Stadium, is facing potential termination by Cox Architecture over comments he made in defence of the stadium.

Cox recently spoke out against claims that the stadium is unsafe and in need of demolition, stating that it was compliant when it was designed, and that any safety issues had been addressed over its lifecycle. He specifically refuted claims that the pedestrian concourses are too narrow and that there aren’t enough exits.

This caused controversy as Cox Architecture (founded by Cox in 1967) has been engaged to design the stadium’s replacement. Cox led the firm for many years, but in recent years decided to take a step back from managing the company and remain on the payroll as a consultant instead.

According to the Australian Financial Review, it is uncertain whether Cox will be allowed to continue with the company, after a company representative sent a letter to Infrastructure NSW stating that Cox will be reprimanded, and his position may even be terminated.

At this point, the demolition of Allianz Stadium has already begun, despite arguments over whether the Berejiklian government has the proper approval to do so.