Lovell Chen has announced the promotions of Adam Mornement, Suzanne Zahra, Stuart Hanafin, Tina Tam, Candice Keeling and Audrey Ong.

Adam Mornement is joining the leadership team as one of six principals. He is a major contributor to heritage projects, developing new approaches and strategic direction, and increasingly playing a part in the general debate on the future of heritage.

Suzanne Zahra, architect/heritage consultant and highly regarded team leader, has been elevated to associate principal.

Stuart Hanafin and Tina Tam are promoted to senior associates, where they will work at the heart of the delivery of major architecture and conservation projects.

Lastly, Candice Keeling and Audrey Ong have been promoted to the associate level in recognition of their developing skills and participation in project leadership.

Image: from top left clockwise: Candice Keeling, Audrey Ong, Suzanne Zahra, Stuart Hanafin, Tina Tam and Adam Mornement. / Supplied.