As to what has changed in terms of how Boral does business now in this age of social isolation, Anastasia Narkiewicz, integrated communications manager, USG Boral says that, “Without face to face meetings, architecture teams have been working remotely and demonstrating their capabilities in the digital workspace including video conferencing for client meetings, CPD presentations and the use of online tools such as BIMWIZARD to assist with technical specifications and design.”

In terms of how her company is finding the new work paradigm at present, Narkiewicz says that “the dynamic pace of change can be challenging but it has highlighted the value of interpersonal interactions and the missed enjoyment of physically working within a team.”

“It’s also showed the importance of balancing personal and professional space and time at home – particularly for quality time with family.”

Asked to what are some positive results of this lockdown working arrangement, Narkiewicz notes that, “as well as generating some truly innovative thinking and an important focus on personal wellbeing and health and safety, the lockdown has helped improve digital skills, communications and remote working capabilities, requiring us to set up a welcoming and fully functional home office.”

“From a personal perspective, getting more incidental family time has been positive too,” she says.