Two new members have been appointed to the board of Hassell for the next three years.

Liz Westgarth joins the Hassell Board after nine years with the firm based in the Sydney studio, and Angus Bruce also joins the Board from his base in our London studio.

"Liz and Angus are known both inside and outside the practice for their drive, ambition, optimism, and contribution to designing places people love. They both challenge expected thinking, empower our next generation of designers, and push for progress on diversity and inclusion in our practice and industry," says Steve Coster, who has been re-appointed as Hassell managing director for another three-year term.

Existing Board members Caroline Diesner, Brenden Kelly, Mark Loughnan, and Rob Backhouse (chair) have also all been all re-elected for another term.

Peter Lee and Ingrid Bakker have made major contributions to the strategic progress of the firm during their time on the Board, with both continuing in other key leadership roles for the practice.

Gerard Corcoran (CEO), Cameron Ward (CFO), and Warren Birchall (commercial manager and company secretary) will all continue their regular participation in the Board, while Maurice Cococcia will continue on as external board advisor.

The new Board is effective from July 2020 to June 2023.

Image: Liz Westgarth (left) and Angus Bruce (right) / Supplied.