Tamara Rasmussen, well-known in the NSW property and development industry, has been nominated for the 2019 Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and Frasers Property National Women in Leadership Award for Excellence. 

Rasmussen’s two-decade-old career includes 15 years at Lendlease where she is currently in the position of Regional Development Manager, Communities. Last year, she was awarded the UDIA NSW and Frasers Property Women in Leadership Award for Excellence.

Rasmussen’s success comes from being open to new opportunities as well as a passion for gaining new skills and learning from others.

“I’ve always put my hand up for new challenges and luckily I have always been very well supported by managers who recognised my passion and enthusiasm for learning more,” says Rasmussen.

She says it’s imperative that women are not only recognised for their achievements but are also elevated into leadership roles.

“Awards like this make people consider the achievements of women. If young women don’t see other females in leadership positions then they can’t aspire to be in those positions themselves. 

“This award shows that there are great women in this industry doing great work, and it shows young graduates and younger staff that they will be recognised for doing a great job.

“As a female leader I need to make sure I am visible and bring other women up with me so that my visibility can help those women and raise them up too.”

Rasmussen believes that women offer a different leadership style to men because of how they interact with their teams and the wider industry. While she has always felt supported within the industry, she firmly believes that more women need to be promoted into higher roles.

Joanna Russell, Development Manager – Retail, Frasers Property Australia, who presented Rasmussen with the award at the UDIA NSW event, describes her as a dedicated leader who inspires younger women to strive for career growth.

“The Women in Leadership award recognises female leaders who drive positive change and set a great example for those who are following in their footsteps. It is extremely fitting that Tamara won the award and is up for national recognition as she is an inspirational leader that encourages others.”

The winner will be annoucned at the UDIA National Awards Gala Dinner on March 28.