Liana Kantilaftas is Hames Sharley’s newly-appointed Senior Interior Designer to lead Adelaide’s interior team.

According to the firm, despite being involved in several portfolios, “her current focus is perhaps one of the most challenging but rewarding sectors – education. Her designs have already significantly contributed to better learning outcomes and environments and will continue to create spaces that can become the catalyst for change. There’s no single education design that works for all, and that’s what Liana loves most about the portfolio.”

As a designer, Kantilaftas believes she is responsible for maximising the value she creates and ensuring that the changes she makes are always for the better. 

“I consider everything about the design and the usability of the space. I focus on the details as they make up the overall design and help create an innovative functional, aesthetically pleasing space. My goal as a designer is to improve the functionality and feel of a space for my clients. I set the bar high to achieve excellent outcomes with all aspects considered. I plan to continue producing designs that reflect my strategic thinking unique design approach,” she says.

“I will be mentoring the interior staff joining the Adelaide studio. I have been so fortunate to have many incredible mentors within Hames Sharley. Now it’s time for me to pass my knowledge and ideas on! This role will make me step out of my comfort zone, but I look forward to these challenges to gain experience and grow,” adds Kantilaftas.

Image: Supplied