MGS Architects has appointed Elliet Spring to the position of associate.

Spring has a degree in architecture from Columbia University and is an urban designer with a broad range of experience across institutional, cultural, commercial and urban projects in Australia, the USA and Norway. 

Her design focus is urban design and activation, climate change and resilient design as well as the accommodation of rapidly increasing urban populations.

Spring has worked on a range of largescale masterplans, including the Arrival Precinct at La Trobe University's Melbourne Campus, a redevelopment of a commercial precinct in Docklands, the redevelopment of a former quarry site in Lilydale and a large retirement community in Blackburn. 

Before returning home, Spring detoured to Norway, where she lived and worked for two years.

She is currently involved with The University of Melbourne's Trinity Campus Development Framework, and recently led the successful MGS Architects' tender submission, with Snohetta, for the UNSW Development Framework Plan.

According to MGS, this promotion reflects her "ongoing leadership role within MGS Architects, her innovative design and technical expertise, and strong client relationships."

Asked as to what are the biggest challenges when designing for large scale projects or those of national significance, Spring says that, "Large scale and nationally significant projects invariably require the alignment of broad client and stakeholder groups, often with conflicting needs and perspectives."

"Careful, considered engagement is a critical to ensure the project is broadly supported and has the best chance of success," she says.

"For me it is crucial that urban design projects promote a resilient and healthy future. Projects must be environmentally sustainable, water-sensitive, promote biodiversity and contribute to the wellbeing of the community."

"We need to be ambitious, even aggressive, in the face of climate change," she says.

As to what is the one thing she hopes to achieve in her new role, Springs says that she's, "looking forward to continuing to work with my fantastic colleagues on projects that contribute to a healthy, resilient, safe and inclusive city."