​Darryl Suttie has been appointed to the position of principal at DesignInc Melbourne.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of DesignInc,” says Suttie, adding, “My strength is leading large projects with a complex range of problems; projects like the 75,000 sqm Melbourne Markets Relocation and the highly sustainable and technical government, health and science precincts that DesignInc is well-known for.”

 “There’s a thread that links DesignInc’s most successful projects; that is where we have pulled apart the challenging issues and developed a really functional yet elegant solution. To create productive results, we meld together a project’s functional demands, the client needs and the users’ experience to deliver healthy, people-focused outcomes. That is our sweet spot where DesignInc delivers,” he says.

As a leader with over two decades of experience and senior associate at DesignInc for six years, he describes his approach as people-first, “I invest in building relationships, not just within our design team, but also to foster effective relationships with client teams and consultants. Enhancing our ability to collaborate and work together is at the core of our success when delivering these big projects,” he says.

A keen advocate for the healthy workplace initiatives at DesignInc that include  the Just program, Champions of Change and Mental Wellbeing Research project support, Suttie says that, “These and other initiatives support and enable our people to grow and thrive in a positive and balanced culture that champions innovation and creativity. With the current health and economic challenges facing us all, our people-centric and resilient culture has proven to be a great strength.”

Image: Supplied