On the eve of DesignBUILD 2018, Pia Argiratos talks about how technology, sustainability and the role of the architect are changing across the construction sector.

"I believe that there will growth in automation and prefabrication technologies. An increasing amount of fabrication will take place off site, resulting in safer and more efficient labour," says Argiratos

"Construction workers will also become more skilled in computer programs and areas that are traditionally thought of as white collar", she says.

In terms of sustainable technologies, Argiratos says that CLT and glulam are a number of technologies helping us to "build more sustainably".

"It's challenging to identify the best choice as each project has its own individual needs. It is a very good option and I think we will start to see more technologies developing in this area."

"As an industry," she says, "we are becoming more conscious of building smaller homes that require less energy."

"We are also seeing things like photovoltaics and battery storage becoming cheaper and more commonly used, as we move towards the goal of zero energy buildings."

As for the changing role of the architect, Argiratos says that the "role of the architect should be to deliver projects in a manner that is unique and unexpected."

"Architects need to go above and beyond to fulfil client briefs and respond to the surrounding environment," she says, adding that, "I believe architects should be a collaborator, facilitator and innovator."