Julie Niass has been made an associate of Carter Williamson Architects

As the head of our interiors and material research, Niass’s recent work includes LA Cool, Concrete Blonde, and a number of public and commercial projects currently being developed.

Niass’s interest in architecture has grown from her love of maths and art; a passion for sketching and the world around her. She started working at Carter Williamson in 2011 after completing a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Sydney.

Her love and appreciation of the built environment was instilled by her travels during a two-year period away. Julie witnessed how architecture shaped the identity of place and encouraged people to lead richer lives.

“Julie started as a student with obvious talent, a gentle & kind soul and easy manner. And in the finest architectural traditions has been on her journey; a journey we all go on to some extent, to find again her love for architecture and design. I am very proud to have known Julie all this time, and delighted to see her realising her talent,” says principal Shaun Carter.

Image: Supplied