According to a press release from architecture firm BVN, has much like in previous years, promoted an entire troop of architects and designers, with this year 39 receiving the nod.

“Our fundamental approach to the way we work recognises we cannot operate alone. We recognise the value of each individual and what they bring to the table, be they architects, interior designers or other creative professionals, collectively they all deepen the cultural and diverse tradition we hold so valuable at BVN. Our people are what drives innovation, ingenuity and adaptation. Our approach to collective creativity offers something we believe makes BVN extraordinary,” the company says.


Camila Beltran Pacifico, Marcos Camara, Liam Croft, Farbod Fathalipouri, Lisa Fathalla, Reza Hafezi, Heather McCabe, Alan Monckton-Milnes, Alessandra Moschella, Ayelen Moure, Mitchell Page, Sebastian Tsang, John Walsh, Adlia Amin, Zsolt Kiss, Neil Carter.

Senior Associates

Lisa Beetson, Chris Bickerton, Bella Castle, Alex Chaston, Kristin Cox, Craig Gerrard, Maria Guardala, Adam Hetherington, Marc Hine, Kate O'Mullane, Max Rosin-Melser, Julie Wong, Glenn Bliesner, Jill Hall, Mary Mangan-Streeter.

Practice Directors

Marco Montevecchi, Tim Gibson, Belinda McGrath, Sam Wightley.

Senior Practice Directors

Conor Larkins, Zig Peshos, Kirstie Irwin, Hayley Sainsbury.

The company notes that, “Through shared leadership, BVN is purposefully strengthening its ability to address the profound changes that are transforming architecture and construction.”