The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) has announced the appointment of Kathlyn Loseby as the new CEO effective 8 March 2021.

In a statement,AACA president Catherine Townsend says, “We are delighted that Kathlyn will be joining the AACA as CEO. Kathlyn is an accomplished leader and brings an excellent skillset to the AACA team ready to lead us into the future. This year will focus on the implementation of the revised National Standard of Competency and the changing regulatory frameworks in the construction industry.”

“Kathlyn’s appointment as CEO ensures the continuing relevance and role of the AACA across the profession and the construction more broadly,” she adds.

“Moving into the role as CEO of the AACA would be exciting at any point but it is particularly engaging at this point in time with broad changes afoot across the profession and the industry in general. I feel it has clear synergies with my recent roles in practice, as an assessor, in advocacy and in regulatory development. In these roles, I have become ever more aware that the AACA underpins all aspects of the profession and is a fundamental, critical player in the future development of the industry and our profession’s ability to shape this future in a positive way,” says Loseby.

Current CEO Kate Doyle is stepping down from the role on 5 March.

Image: Ali Nesseri