Multidisciplinary design consultancy Mott MacDonald has appointed Amanda Sturgeon as regenerative design lead for its Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia regional business.

A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, Sturgeon is an award-winning architect, TED speaker, author of Creating Biophilic Buildings and sought-after expert on biophilic and regenerative design around the world. She has enjoyed a successful 25-year career, working to harmonise the relationship between people and nature in buildings and cities.

Most recently Sturgeon was CEO for the International Living Future Institute where she authored the Living Building Challenge and other innovative regenerative design programs for buildings, communities and products that reverse global climate change, protect and enhance eco-systems and connect people to nature.

She is the founder of the Biophilic Design Initiative and has worked with companies and organisations around the world to scale regenerative design principles and strategies.

Commenting on her appointment, Sturgeon says: “We need to focus. on outcomes that are dynamic, emergent and beneficial – outcomes that satisfy the fundamental human needs of today without compromising the possibility of future generations. The urgency to change our approach to the built environment and our cities has increased and we are in a unique position where we are able to contribute to real change, by helping clients navigate their response to climate change, sustainability, ecology and health and well-being."

"By embracing biophilic design and regenerative principles, we can connect people to nature, improve their health and happiness, restore eco-systems as well as open the door to achieving zero-carbon buildings, communities and the infrastructure that ties them together,” she says.