The Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) CEO says she welcomes the Victorian Government’s $5.3 billion investment in social housing, saying it will have an 'enduring and transformative impact for generations.'

Institute CEO Julia Cambage says more investment in sustainable social and affordable housing had long been one the Institute’s top advocacy priorities.

“The monumental injection of some 12,000 new social housing homes is laudable not only for its sheer scale but also for the depth and breadth of the housing diversity and inclusion it promotes,” Cambage says.

“The Andrews Government is putting sustainability front and centre with a commitment to seven star energy efficiency standards, which is critically important to meet our goal of transforming the built environment to net zero emissions by 2030."

“In making this unparalleled $5.3 billion investment The Andrews Government is both strengthening the Victorian economy and society by tackling, head on, the issue of homelessness," she says.

“It will deliver widespread economic stimulus while also helping rectify what has been a crippling shortage of affordable housing."

“A survey of our members we undertook in June this year revealed that nationally almost two-thirds (64.87 percent) of respondents - had projects stalled as a direct result of COVID-19," says Cambage.

“We congratulate the Andrews Government on their leadership and look forward to working with Minister Wynne and Homes Victoria about other key design aspects that will ensure Victoria’s 12,000 new social housing homes are among the best in the world,” she concludes.

Image: John O’Rourke / AIA