NSW Planning and Public Spaces minister Rob Stokes has announced the appointment of Abbie Galvin as the 24th NSW Government Architect. 

“I’m delighted Ms Galvin will be our new Government Architect and the first woman to hold the position since it was created more than 200 years ago,” Stokes says. 

“The Government Architect has been one of the State’s most prestigious roles since it was established in 1816 to shape cities, towns and communities right across the State.”

“From the Hyde Park Barracks designed by Francis Greenway, to the Sydney Observatory by Alexander Dawson, our Government Architects have been behind some of our most iconic buildings,” he says.

At the same time, says minister Stokes, “The Government Architect’s role has evolved over time and Ms Galvin will have responsibility for championing design excellence across the State, as well as shaping quality places and public spaces and collaborating with agencies, Councils, industry and community.” 

“I am passionate about taking on this role at a time when NSW is going through such dynamic and far reaching change, Galvin says, adding that, “It is an honour to have a position at the table to help shape the future of our State and I look forward to working with the Minister and our communities to achieve significant outcomes.”

Galvin has worked on a range of high profile projects both in Australia and in Hong Kong as a principal and director of BVN, and replaces Peter Poulet who left the role after being appointed as the new Central City District Commissioner for the Greater Sydney Commission.