Sustainable design is the biggest challenge facing the building and architecture industry today. Reducing the amount of energy used by a building will not only help to reduce the carbon footprint but also greatly reduce the costs involved with running it.

As a building’s largest heat-conducting surface, the façade plays the biggest part in helping to reduce a building’s energy consumption, and the material used can go a long way to determining the sustainability of a project.

Glass façades

Advancements in the technology and efficiency of glass have seen the popularity of glass facades skyrocket over the past decade. The ‘floor-to-ceiling’ glass building has become a favourite for architects, designers and clients alike - and with good reason.

Glass facades have become synonymous with modernity and architectural elegance. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, the natural lighting and solar heat gain through glass is greater than other traditional façade materials, making it a significant contributor to sustainable design.

But while the benefits of glass facades are clear, there are still difficulties and drawbacks associated with its use, from high overall weight, poor acoustics and glare, to vibration and impact resistance

Now after decades of development, the emergence of translucent polycarbonate sheeting as an alternative to glass façades is again changing the face of our built environment.

Rodeca Translucent Polycarbonate Sheets

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, translucent polycarbonate façade systems from Rodeca provide an ecological, lightweight, economical, functional and aesthetically pleasing façade solution.

Rodeca facades provide optimum heat insulation, establishing a new standard in transparent heat insulation. With the ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, Rodeca translucent sheets help contribute to a sustainable future while also reducing power bills.

Rodeca façade systems are produced for maximum resistance, to provide against heat, cold, noise, wind, dust and water, making them ideal for harsh and unpredictable Australian conditions. A protective UV resistant exterior and 10 year warranty provides peace of mind.

The use of colourful construction elements in Rodeca façade systems allow unlimited design possibilities, intricate lines, unique colours, 3D effects and phosphorescent surfaces.

Completely recyclable, Rodeca translucent polycarbonate façade systems are an eco-friendly choice for a sustainable future.

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