In a sign of changing times, a brothel in the inner-Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo is up for sale, with the potential to be turned into a vibrant commercial space. 

Once the heart of Sydney’s sex industry, Woolloomoolo is quickly transforming into a business area thanks to its proximity to the CBD. While land prices are increasing by the day, the area is still considered affordable compared to the neighbouring Darlinghurst.

Though there is interest from developers as well as homeowners, the site would serve well as a hospitality venue given the recent push provided by the state government, which has rolled back lock-out and last-drink restrictions in various city areas including Woolloomooloo.

This is just one example of Sydney's ever-changing inner city, with land costs turning once heavily industrial areas like the nearby Alexandria and Rosebery into vibrant residential areas as well as spaces for commercial offices.

Sites such as golf courses are also in the sights of developers, due to the NSW government's target to increase the proportion of homes in urban areas within 10 minutes' walk of public green space by 10 percent by 2023. 

However, there are also concerns about western Sydney residents' access to green space  currently, almost half of the people in Sydney's west live more than 400m from an open space. 

"We need green lungs in the west just as much as in the east," says planning minister Rob Stokes.