Woods Bagot has pipped a formidable field to win a design competition for the development of 8 Phillip Street in Parramatta.

Adjudicated by the Parramatta City Council, the competition included submissions for a new mixed-use apartment project from three firms, Woods Bagot, Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp and SJB. 

Woods Bagot's winning proposal is for a 54-storey building comprising 35 levels of residential apartments as well as a proposed five-star hotel and rooftop bar. It will also integrate with the existing heritage St Andrew’s Church and St Andrew’s hall and highlight the historical architectural elements on the site. 

Domenic Alvaro, Director, Woods Bagot explains that the very constraints of the project inspired its design. Resolving the challenge of how to successfully integrate the project with the existing heritage buildings has been one of the project’s triumphs.


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Developer Coronation Property recently launched ‘8 Phillip Street’ to Sydney’s residential apartment market following the success of Woods Bagot in the competition and Managing Director Joe Nahas said the company was thrilled with the decision made by the City of Parramatta to choose the Woods Bagot design.

Confident that the design will set the benchmark for mixed-use apartment projects not only in Parramatta, but also internationally, he said it was truly visionary and managed to exceed the high standard of design established by the firm.

Nahas comments that the building has been designed to create vibrancy in the area without diminishing its historical buildings. A public rooftop bar on the 54th floor will allow locals to experience the unparalleled views of Parramatta, Sydney CBD and Parramatta River.

Apartment sales are expected to launch in late November.