Woods Bagot have gone for simplicity at their latest apartment project in Perth Western Australia, opting for a restrained material palette and podium level car parking to keep costs affordable for potential residents.

Situated in the Perth suburb of Cannington, Momentum apartments will comprise 112 one and two bedroom apartments and two commercial tenancies. 

Renders of the project show a three-storey podium comprising a ground floor commercial hub below a twin-level townhouse-style apartment. The podium is dressed in geometric panels which wrap the building and mask the above ground carpark situated at the back of the building and behind the townhouses.

Six additional levels of apartments then rise on a deep set back from the podium and will feature a central light well that opens at roof level to promote cross ventilation through the residential units and provide daylight access to the centre of the plan.

“The concept of simplicity and efficiency is delivered in the upper floor layouts and is continued into the interior design in order to deliver a quality residential product at a competitive market price,” says Woods Bagot Principal Grant Boshard

Woods Bagot’s William Schofield says particular attention was paid to the modelling of the façades so that proportions were balanced and variations in exterior materials were kept minimal.

“A restrained material palette underpins the minimalist design,” he says.

“Attention has been paid to the composition and modelling of the facades that consider the proportion of the panels, openings and depth of the reveals. This approach takes advantage of the natural play of light and shadow on the building without resorting to over specification of the exterior finishes.”

The firm says that ordering of the façade panels and shuffled windows deliberately break from the uniformity of the apartment balconies which are consistently positioned.

A podium top garden also breaks up the otherwise robust building form and gives colour to apartments.

Work is expected to commence by July, 2015.