World-leading design studio Woods Bagot has been announced as the architectural consultant on the team appointed by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) of Western Australia to deliver the detailed design of a new railcar manufacturing and assembly plant in Bellevue, Perth.

Part of the Western Australian railcar program, PTA's Railcar Assembly Facility is a new assembly and commissioning facility to be constructed in Perth, close to the original railways workshop.

Designed to support Metronet’s $1.6 billion railcar program, the new railcar depot marks the return of manufacturing to the Midland-Bellevue area. Railcar maintenance will also be carried out in the facility for the next 30 years.

Stage One of the manufacturing facility project comprises of the Heavy Maintenance & Assembly Building and High Voltage Testing Facility.

The Assembly Building with a floor area of 11,200sqm is a large-scale, industrial purpose building with ancillary functions including offices, meetings space, stores, workshop and end-of-trip facilities.

The 2,160sqm High Voltage Testing Facility is designed to receive six-car train sets constructed in the Assembly Building and electrically energise, test and commission the train systems.

Construction of Stage One is expected to begin in 2020 with completion scheduled for 2021. Stage Two will comprise of the new railcar depot, drivers sign on and amenities building, and diesel maintenance road. The estimated value of the project is 218 million AUD.

The consultant team is led by Aurecon and also includes SMEC (civil engineer) and Urbis (landscape design).

Image: Woods Bagot