Turkish architecture studio Autoban has revealed their plans for the interior of the new terminal at Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The terminal building spans over four levels and will feature organic shapes and tactile natural materials in an effort to make it more warm and welcoming than other airports.

Passengers enter the terminal through a series of glass bubbles and walk into the full-height check-in area, which is scattered with living trees and structural columns.  

Wooden pods on the top level – described as "cocoons" by the designers – house cafes, bars, shopping kiosks and other amenities including a children's play area and luggage storage space.

Each nest-like pod is clad in diamond-shaped solid Ayous wood shingles covered with oak veneer.

Similar wooden patterns cover the curved edges of floor plates around atrium spaces and escalators.

Hexagonal skylights puncture the domed roof, while triangular grills decorate the ceiling of baggage reclaim, mirrored by the layout of floor tiles.

Autoban has also created four "Salam Lounges" for business-class passengers with comfortable furniture and a fast-track security option.

Courtesy Inhabitat