According to recruitment company Hays, project lead architects will be in high demand in the first half of 2018.

This role, says Hays, requires architects who have “exposure to all stages of a project in addition to experience leading their own projects and takes around five to 10 years to gain this experience.”

Revit technicians will remain in demand, according to Hays, and is a role is “typically used as a stepping stone to senior positions.”

The recruitment company says that demand for Revit-proficient architects will remain consistent across all larger architectural firms, with small to medium sized firms also transitioning to Revit software.

Hays says that design architects will be needed too.

“As design is typically completed by the most senior architects, often the Directors, most up-and-coming architects are performing tasks that do not involve the initial concept design stage. Consequently, this reduces the pool of suitable candidates with the necessary experience,” the recruiter says.

Interior designers will be sought for the same reasons, although demand is up for this role as the number of jobs has recently increased.

“With a higher number of jobs, there are not enough candidates with the necessary experience to lead projects autonomously,” Hays says.

Lastly, landscape designers will also be required.

“Many government and not-for-profit entities in particular are tendering out new landscape projects, which is fuelling this demand,” according to Hays.