Fly through Barangaroo South concept plans
Rogers Stirk’s Barangaroo South tower tops out

Detailed drawings of the $2 billion Crown Sydney Hotel Resort at Barangaroo South have been released by Wilkinson Eyre architects (WE), revealing the inspirations, influences and design concepts behind what will be Sydney’s second tallest building.

Crown's development assessment has been released for public exhibition by the NSW Government and provides unprecedented insight into what Wilkinson Eyre has planned for 6,204sqm site.

In brief, the building will be 69 storeys, rise for 271 metres and is planned to accommodate 350 hotel rooms/villas, 66 apartments plus a variety of retail tenancies, restaurants and gaming spaces.

Conceptually, the building has been designed in three key elements described by WE as ‘petals’ including the podium, the hotel and the tower. The three petal forms twist and rise together tapering off at different points to define the sections of the building.


The podium petal, part of the hotel and VIP gaming operations, will rise to 40 metres and comprise a series of bars, restaurants, retail tenancies and VIP gaming facilities. It will be defined by large glass blades draped in a ‘stone veil’ feature. (see below)

Above that is the hotel ‘petal’ which will rise an extra 17 storeys and, as the name suggests, house the majority of the building’s hotel programme.

Right: Three 'petals' taper off at different points to demarcate the building's functions. The tower petal accommodates a 60 degree twist in the outer skin whilst maintaining a rectangular core.


Below: Laser cut marble will create a fretwork pattern over the building's blades of glazing on its podium.
The Crown will also have four fronts, accessible to the public and designed to encourage pedestrian flow throughout.

The final and largest building element is the 271 metres-high tower form which will be clad in a light silvery veil of glass with differing levels of transparency. The tower petal has been designed with parametric 3D modelling and accommodates a 60 degree twist in the outer skin whilst maintaining a rectangular core.

The twist of the tower is aligned so that the centre of the twist is midway between the bisector of the two icons in Sydney: the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The geometry of the tower also aids in the meeting of SEPP65 requirements for natural ventilation and lighting for the building’s apartments.

Renzo Piano to design Barangaroo South residential towers
Barangaroo South pioneers new Green Star tool

The Crown Hotel will also feature a host of unique design features such as operable triangular windows on the building’s south-west diagrid façade, a reticulated chilled water cooling system and a specialised re-use water supply that will provide for irrigation systems and to all toilets up to Podium level via a series of tanks, pumps and pipework.

The Hotel is also targeting a six star rating on a custom Green Star rating tool. A construction framework document from Lend Lease says the Hotel is expected to be completed by November 2019.

The Project is on public exhibition and you can view it here:

Drawings: Wilkinson Eyre
Images: Crown