Well known Italian illustrator and architect Federico Babina has created a remarkable artwork series that imagines popular Hollywood stars living inside famous architect-designed homes.

Federico Babina’s artwork series, Archilife integrates famous house architecture from throughout the 20th century with the images of leading Hollywood movie stars from the 20th century. Babina places the actors inside these homes, living a normal life and doing basic everyday things such as meditating, reading books, shaving or watching television. Essentially, each actor in Babina’s artwork series is seen doing something that most people wouldn’t imagine them doing.

The actor and the architect who designed the house can be identified by the titles displayed on each artwork. Famous actor-architect pairs in the series include Hepburn-Eames, Hitchcock-Le Corbusier, Monroe-Van Der Rohe, Brando Wright, McQueen Lautner, Stewart-Barragan and Caine-Kahn, among many more.