Wave Consulting Director and Tour Facilitator Rob Catchlove is organising a half-day Green Building tour to explore the drivers, design and operation of two leading green buildings in Melbourne.

Beyond the star ratings, this tour will show participants how the buildings really work and what the real benefits are. They will also get an opportunity to view various green features of the buildings including the tri-gen system, rainwater reuse, efficient lighting, green walls, reuse of materials and more.

To be held in February, Melbourne's hottest month, the Green Building tour will also reveal the buildings’ performance during this period.

The two buildings on the tour include EPA Victoria, a 6 star green building with government and educational tenants, and Investa, a 5 star green building with commercial tenants.

Participants in this tour will be able to understand some of the water and energy solutions used in green buildings; appreciate the range of drivers to ESD, and how they will result in different solutions; hear from knowledgeable building managers who understand the technology and issues; learn about what works and what doesn’t; consider the building from a tenant's and user's perspective; hear about the maintenance requirements; be connected to and learn from other participants; and be inspired to do more with buildings and create better work environments.

The Green Building tour is recommended for local government officers (planners, ESD, operations managers); architects; developers; consultants; home renovators with interest in green buildings; and assessors.

The tour will be held on Monday 6 February 2017, 9:15 am – 12:15 pm AEDT.

Location: EPA Victoria, 200 Victoria Street, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia

Information here.