Vincent Callebaut has created a whale-shaped floating garden, designed to navigate its way through the world’s rivers, purifying the water as it goes.

Inspired by the “Physalia physalis” jellyfish whose name translates roughly to “water bubble”, the self-sufficient floating ecosystem generates power from the sun and works to reduce water pollution through bio-filtration.

The structure is filled with four gardens and covered by a green roof, thin-film solar panels and a layer of TiO2, which reacts with ultraviolet rays to clean the water.

Additional water is pumped through the garden systems, which biologically filter out contaminants and pollutants.

Water moving underneath the craft also helps generate power for hydro-turbines.

Physalia is the latest in Vincent Callebaut’s series of visionary projects, joining his self-sustaining designs - Lilypad and Dragonfly.

Courtesy Freshome and Inhabitat