In partnership with Make Architects and Sir John Soane’s Museum, the World Architecture Festival (WAF) has announced the call for entries for the fourth edition of The Architecture Drawing Prize. Launched in 2017, the prize is conceived to celebrate and showcase the art and skill of architectural drawing.

In the spirit of many great architects of the past, from Palladio and John Soane to Le Corbusier and Cedric Price, The Architecture Drawing Prize is an ideal platform for reflecting on and exploring how drawing continues to advance the art of architecture today.

The organisers say the prize embraces the creative use of digital tools and digitally produced renderings, while recognising the enduring importance of hand drawing. The organisers invite entries of all types and forms: from technical or construction drawings to cutaway or perspective views – and anything in between.

Entries are welcomed by architects, designers and especially students from around the world in the following categories: hand-drawn, digital, and hybrid, combining the two.

This year also sees the introduction of a special prize focused on the global lockdown during the Covid-19.

For full details on how to enter the Architecture Drawing Prize visit:  or follow us on Instagram @architecturedrawingprize

Entry deadline: 2 October 2020.

Image: 2019 Overall winner and winner of the digital category, Anton Markus Pasing, ‘City in a box- paradox memories / Supplied.