The Heritage Council of Western Australia is looking for experienced and qualified individuals to become members.

As the State Government's expert body on heritage matters, the Heritage Council plays a key role in decisions on entries into the State Register of Heritage Places and the development of these places. It also determines State Heritage strategy and policies.

High calibre professionals from a diversity of fields and backgrounds with relevant skills and experience have been strongly encouraged to express their interest.

The Heritage Act 2018 sets out criteria that must be met in terms of skills and expertise, moving away from the previous Act's requirement that council members represent certain interests or groups.

“I am excited to invite motivated and highly experienced individuals to nominate for Heritage Council membership,” says heritage minister David Templeman. 

“The new Act means we can be more flexible in terms of how we recruit new members while at the same time more clearly define the powers of the council and provide a contemporary governance framework that aligns with public sector best practice.” 

Image credit: Department of Planning Lands Heritage