An ultra high-tech, edible garden wall is set to be the standout feature of the United States’ 2015 Milan Expo pavilion.

Designed by James Biber, the ‘American Food 2.0’ will incorporate a vertical farm of harvestable crops and utilise a hydroponic growing system mounted onto movable panels that can be rotated to face the sun. 

An irrigation system that captures and recycles rain will also be installed to water the plants so they can be grown, harvested and served at food truck kiosks inside the pavilion.

The rest of the barn-like design has an open farm layout and is built using recyclable steel framing and a composite wood floor.

The roof of the structure will combine ultra-thin solar panels, photochromatic glass and may also be fitted out with a misting system to help keep the building cool without air conditioning.

Embracing the 2015 Expo theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the U.S pavilion will also hold numerous talks and discussions on the many issues surrounding sustainability, agriculture and technology.

Courtesy Tree Hugger