The Cardrona Hut is a compact timber-clad holiday home set in the stunning landscape of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

Designed by architecture firm RTA Studio, this multi-award-winning holiday home draws inspiration from local vernacular architecture such as tramping huts, miners’ cottages or rural barns. While the utilitarian aesthetic references the rustic surroundings, the single-storey house is designed for comfort and can accommodate up to 10 people.

The 72-square-metre area is distinctly divided into living and sleeping areas with the interconnecting space featuring a fireplace in a covered outdoor setting. The materials palette consisting of timber cladding, corrugated iron and local stone captures the essence of the pastoral environment, while minimising maintenance.

The Cardrona Hut’s design encourages residents to enjoy the beautiful views and commune with nature from any part of the building. Large sliding screens and operable shutters over the windows allow the house to be completely closed off and secured if required, while moderating ventilation and sunlight.

The Cardrona Hut won the 2016 New Zealand Architecture Award - Small Project Category and 2016 NZIA Southern Architecture Award - Small Project Category, and was also shortlisted for 2016 Home of the Year.

Photography: Patrick Reynolds