Urbis Australia’s international business, Cistri, will merge with leading urban development and economics consultancy Waters Economics, based in Hong Kong. 

Waters Economics, founded by Fiona Waters, will significantly enhance Cistri’s multi-disciplinary services to include key expertise in urban and property economics. Waters Economics will trade as Cistri from 16 May 2018 and the Singapore and Hong Kong Cistri offices will jointly serve the Asia market.

Cistri has also announced the introduction of planning and design services into Cistri Hong Kong, led by newly appointed director Andy Lewis. Andy is a highly renowned landscape architect with over 40 years of experience in Asia and the UK. He previously held senior positions with two global multi-disciplinary design consultancies operating in Asia, as well as being the Hong Kong Government’s first chief landscape architect. The Asian offices will be supported by Urbis Australia. 

“Increasing density, rapidly growing urban centres and heightened community engagement in urban development continue to give rise to a range of complexities, which require a truly integrated approach,” says Fiona Water, managing director of Waters Economics.

“By merging our expertise, we are now able to support clients across a wider spectrum of disciplines, economics, property, planning and design, whilst maintaining our common goals in shaping cities and communities and adding value to people, places and property.”

“With offices in the international financial hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong, supported by our network of Australian offices, we are well-positioned to support clients regardless of where they invest, and facilitate the creation of vibrant cities and communities across the region,” adds Benjamin Pollack, chief executive officer of Urbis Australia.