Spanish practice Ah Asociados has replaced an old, precarious stairway with an integrated footbridge and elevator to allow pedestrians to travel safely between the hill top town of Echavacoiz Norte and the city below.

The scheme was developed from a study conducted by the local council that considered pedestrian mobility within the region.

The result is a L-shaped steel clad walkway extending out from the top of the hill that connects to an elevator shaft offering panoramic views of Pamplona.

The footbridge is formed by a single steel beam paved with folded steel plates, which continue up one side of the railing to protect pedestrians from crosswinds.

The elevator shaft is clad in the same sheet steel, providing visual continuity between the two separate elements.

In addition, the project has made it possible to introduce new pedestrian and cyclist roads between the two urban levels, further integrating the once semi-marginalised Echavacoiz Norte.

Courtesy Designboom and Ah Asociados