The University of Newcastle has proposed significant cuts to its architecture and industrial design degrees in a radical move to preference construction-based courses.

If it goes ahead, the proposed overhaul of the School of Architecture and Built Environment would see the loss of significant numbers of architectural staff in an effort to build up knowledge areas around construction and construction management. Under the changes, announced on 23 August, four full-time staff working in architecture would be lost, along with one full-time member of the industrial design faculty. In their place, five positions would be added in the field of construction management.

Similar changes were first proposed by the university in 2015. Extensive internal and external consultation has been made prior to this recent decision, and has informed the final outcome. If the changes go ahead, an external moderator would be brought in to ensure a smooth transition. According to the university, existing staff members will be given the chance to reapply for the new positions.

The University of Newcastle is now seeking feedback from staff on the proposed changes to the School of Architecture and Built Environment.