Uniting hopes to revitalise aged care services in Emu plains with the redevelopment of its aged care home at Edinglassie Village. 

The transformation will begin with the construction of a new 100 bed residential aged care home in early 2019, that will see existing two and four bed shared rooms replaced by five households of 20 single en-suited rooms each. A new fellowship centre for the local Uniting Church congregation will also be built. 

The aged care home will incorporate a contemporary household model of care which empowers older people being supported in our services to control how they live their lives as they have done throughout their life.

The household model of care is designed to give residents choices about their daily routines and leisure and lifestyle activities, based on their wants and needs. 

“We are committed to delivering contemporary services that meet local needs; our plans for Edinglassie Village are a testament to that,” says Uniting Head of Property Development, Adrian Ciano. 

The household model at Edinglassie also promotes improved connections between older people living in our services and their friends, family and the broader community. Each household will feature common functional areas such as a kitchen, dining room, lounge, laundry and quiet areas. 

Other amenities will include a cafe, hairdresser, day spa and chapel. 

“Uniting has a long and proud history of caring for older people within a community setting; we’re continuing this legacy and combining it with a contemporary people-centred approach,” says Ciano.